Neffe first revealed that she was pregnant back in March of this year. She told Sister2Sister magazine: “I’m pregnant and I got an attitude with [my fiance] and i don’t want him to … touch me right now—or ever because it was not supposed to happen this way. Now I’m trying to figure this [stuff] out, ’cause I just had Jaylen.”

She later retracted her statement that she made to Sister2sister citing that "she originally thought she was pregnant because her body was going through crazy changes"

This baby will be the first for Neffe and her fiance Soullow. Neffe is already the mother of four children: Brianna(pictured), Christare, CiCi, and Jaylen(pictured). Rapper Soullow also has children from previous relationships.

**These are recent pictures of a pregnant Neffe. The middle picture shows Neffe's youngest child Jaylen, her best friend Dariel, and her daughter Brianna.

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