-Tyrese and estranged wife Norma-

Actor/singer Tyrese Gibson wants the mother of his two-year-old daughter to get a job. Tyrese says he has a slew of personal bills- the singer spends $4000 on clothes, $2200 on dining out and $1900 in groceries a month- and can no longer afford to accommodate his estranged wife. Moreover, the star says that he has "already paid $75,000 worth of [Norma's] professional fees and costs for a marriage which lasted less than 10 months."   The singer says that before he married Norma, they  signed " a prenuptial agreement which resolved all issues between [them], other than those pertaining to [their] minor child."

See pictures of Tyrese and daughter Shayla

As for the "minor child" in question, a judge awarded Tyrese and his estranged wife joint legal custody of their daughter Shayla in March. According to the ruling, Tyrese’s estranged wife, Norma Mitchell-Gibson, has primary physical custody of their daughter. In a final ruling made on 3/09/09, the singer/actor was ordered to pay Norma child support in the amount of 6,222.00 per month, payable with 1/2 on the first of the month and 1/2 on the 15th.

So what's next?

Tyrese's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has requested that Norma take vocational classes. He says, "Ms. Gibson can and should seek employment and is lawfully employable in the United States at this time."

The next court hearing in this case will be July 27th.


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