Singer Monica isn't afraid to admit it: her baby boy Romelo is a momma's boy!

"Romelo is such a momma's boy. Lil Rocko is daddy all day. So here we are buying balloons at Chuck E. Cheese while the big boys play skee-ball"

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Scarlett,2, actress Reagan Gomez’ daughter, is such a mommy's girl! Reagan loves sharing pictures of Scarlett on her twitter account and she would do anything for her little girl. Reagan, whose mom is an alcoholic, had to let go of her own mother in order to provide a sane environment for her daughter Scarlett.

"As I’ve gotten older, and started my own family, I’ve realized that I have to love [my mom] from a distance. For my own sanity. Because, as people who know addicts will agree, lying and manipulation, is the addicts bread and butter. And misery loves company. And as Scarlett’s mom, I can’t....I won’t allow it. I pray that “this time” it[referring to her mom's rehab] lasts."

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