Actress Halle Berry was on Wednesday, November 11th’s “The Tyra Show" to promote her new perfume, Halle. While on the show, Halle expressed that she thinks it's "horrifying"  when people recognize her 19-month-old daughter first.

“That part of it has become horrifying. We were at the San Diego aquarium and a woman comes up and my daughter is playing with her daughter and the lady said, ‘Wait a minute, Is that Nahla?’ and I looked at the woman and she goes, ‘Oh my God and you’re Halle Berry, but I recognized your daughter first.’ And I wanted to melt, I was so distraught.”

“The paparazzi now they have no sense, it’s crazy and what there [sic] doing to children, it’s just not right. I know nobody has a lot of sympathy for celebrity because we are blessed in so many ways, but these children should not be subjected to this kind of scrutiny, be objectified, be hunted down, its just flat out wrong.”

By the way, Nahla is not named after “The Lion King,” but after Halle’s African heritage.


BCK Says: What do you think. Does Halle have a point?

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