Ryan Elizabeth Peete,12, daughter of actress Holly Robinson Peete and former NFL player Rodney Peete.

Siblings: Twin brother R.J., 12, Robinson, 7, and Roman, 5.

Credit(s): Co-author of book My Brother Charlie

Interview courtesy of AmmoMagazine:

On her inspiration:

My inspiration is my brother because the doctors told Rodney that he wouldn’t make friends and he wouldn’t speak and that he wouldn’t say I love you. He proved those doctors wrong.

On working with her mother  book My Brother Charlie:

It was a really great experience because I got to know my mom as a writer really well.

On whether or not she sees herself working on more books:

Yes I do. Actually we’re working on a new book about my Africa trip and what I witnessed.

On how she has dealt with her twin brother Rodney's autism:

It was hard because a lot of my friends didn’t understand him; they thought he was “weird”. I felt like I got cheated out of doing extra curricular things because my mom and dad were so focused on his therapies and treatments. I sometimes felt like the invisible twin.

On whether she has considered acting:

I have considered it and I have done a couple plays when I was younger.

Interview courtesy of AmmoMagazine

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