Lady Jazz is a 14 year old lyricist who has been inspired by the likes of Kanye, Drake, and Nikki Minaj. Metaphorically, she states she is an eyewitness on life. Lady Jazz is no stranger to wealth, fame, conflict or adversity. Living through the wealthy good life, all the way to a tumultuous divorce between her parents, she has plenty to rap about. From love to hate and back again.

She is proud to admit that she studies the dictionary and thesaurus to elevate her lyrical abilities. Based on her age, she does not want to be taken as a novelty act. She wants people to recognize that she is serious about the craft. She loves hip-hop and is developing into a force to be reckoned with.

Currently in a duo with her sister Lyric, Lady Jazz holds it down as the rapper of the group, while Lyric handles the vocals. A modern day Zhane or younger/hipper Floetry as they have been categorized, the girls are working consistently on creating a sound that is unique yet inadvertently familiar.

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Source:Bio written by "JazzLauren"

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