Adrian Lindsey is the young inventor behind the All-Net Sak, a practical bag for carrying a basketball.  The entrepreneur, who is now seventeen years old, created the sac when he was just twelve years old.

As a 12-year-old in Akron, Adrian Lindsey got tired of having to balance a basketball while riding his bicycle to the neighborhood courts. He didn't like riding one-handed, but he didn't want to carry a gym bag, either. Instead, he just complained.

His mother, Cherrlyn Lampley, encouraged him to use his energy to figure out a solution.

Scribbling on his notepad, Adrian did just that, turning an ordinary basketball net into a practical bag for carrying a ball.

"My mom told me to think of something unique," recalled Adrian, now 17. "A net that resembles the one basketballs go through distinguishes it from other bags."

These days, the teenage entrepreneur is scoring big. Two weeks ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers Team Shop at Quicken Loans Arena started selling his $20 All-Net Sak. The carrier comes in the Cavs' colors, wine and navy, and bears the team's logo. Read More

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