Kai Morae Pace, 21, is featured in the latest issue of Jet magazine with her mom Lisa Raye Mccoy and  her grandmother Katie Mccoy. In the issue, Lisa Raye talks about her relationship with her only daughter.

“I love smothering my daughter with love,” she says. “I think it’s so important to be able to show them love so they’ll be able to receive love.”

Lisa Raye adds of her own mother, “My mother is a strong woman, too. She’s a caterer and a giver. She loves to take care of people.  That has been my role with my generation … I’m a giver like that and I don’t mind because I like to share. … it’s no fun playing by yourself.”

Katie Mccoy chimes in about her only daughter[Lisa Raye], “I just look at her and I’m so proud of her, her believing in herself that she can do whatever she wants to do.  She’s put her mind to it and she’s not a quitter. She’s so much like me when I was young.”...

Source: Jet Magazine

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