"I call myself mom-in-chief not because I don't value my career or education ... but the most important thing to me is raising strong women because that's what my mother did for me," First Lady Michelle Obama shared with a group of London schoolgirls ages 12-15 on Wednesday.

"The things I tell my girls[Malia,12, and Sasha,9] are the same thing I would tell you -- don't be afraid to fail, don't be afraid to make mistakes, ask stupid questions and get laughed at. Trip and then get back up," she added.

Mrs. Obama also urged the girls to 'dream big' and even gave them advice on how to choose their friends(and how to find the right mate.):

# 1 Do not be afraid to fail or be afraid to take risks in life.  "Learn to use your voice now. Ask questions. Ask stupid questions. Be laughed at. Get it wrong. Trip, fall and then get back up. Do your homework. Do chores. Have responsibilities, because what I tell my kids -- you have to practice who you want to be. You know, you don't wake up one morning and you're suddenly who you think you want to be. You have to put some energy into it."

#2 Choose your friends wisely. "You know, good relationships feel good," she said. "They feel right. They don't hurt. They're not painful. That's not just with somebody you want to marry, but it's with the friends that you choose. It's with the people you surround yourselves with. And that's just as important as the school that you choose. Who's in your life, and do you respect them, and do they respect you? And are you respecting them? Right? And we as women in particular -- and this is such an important message -- starting today, you all have to be supportive of each other. You can't be jealous, and push and trip, you know? It's hard enough. So in your lives now ... be kind to each other. Support each other. There's room for everyone to succeed. And that has to start in your lives now. Right?"

#3 Learn to live with doubts as you get older. "I have doubts today," she said. " Doubts don't go away. You just learn how to deal with them. You start knowing yourself, and you become more confident the more successes you have, the more chances you take. You don't let the failures or the stumbles define you. Everybody falls every now and then. Some people fall a lot."

#4 It's not all about getting all A's in school. "It's not about getting the A, you know? It's not always about getting the A. It's about learning, and it's about loving learning. And sometimes the A won't come because you take a course that pushes you, right?, and it's going to be hard, and you're going to, again, stumble a little bit. But if you always just go for the grade, sometimes you'll bypass what's interesting because you might not get a good grade in it, right? And I don't want you all to start doing that. It's too early."


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