Actor Idris Elba gushes over his nine-year-old daughter Isan in the latest issue of Essence magazine.

"She's a nerd really, which I couldn't be more grateful for," he says of his daughter. She's not much impressed by what I do, but she does see how people react to me in the streets. She's very careful about it, wanting to steer me away from crowded streets and the like. I hate that she's losing some of her innocence, but I'm impressed by her level of awareness."

Idris says that he doesn't know how he would manage "to be on seven flights a month and still get [Isan] to school"  if it weren't for his ex-wife Dormowa Sherma.

"I'm grateful to my ex-wife, and I'm grateful I get to live my dream. At the same time, I miss things, which I regret."

He adds, "My daughter's with me now for three weeks and I love it; I absolutely love it."

Pick up the latest issue of Essence magazine for more on Idris and his family!

Photo: Fame Pictures

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