Robert Williams, a.k.a. Meek Mill, recently joined the father's circle of rappers. The rapper was excited to have a son in lieu of a girl. Meek explains, "God won't give you nothing you can't handle. I can't handle no girl yet."

Mill is one of the newest rappers to join the industry. The product of a single-parent home, Mill decided to be a lyrical success at a young age. Currently 24 years old, the young rapper began his career on YouTube and Twitter. Although denied numerous times, Mill allowed persistence to overtake him; a characteristic that eventually led to a record deal with Grand Hustle and Maybach Music Group.

Meek believes that confidence is key to accomplishing any goal. As the rapper states, "That’s how I live my life, you have to always be confident and just know what you are capable of doing. I believe that you have to strongly know what you’re going to do in life, you can’t assume you have to just know it for a fact in this game. Whatever you may want, you have to know you can get it." Such advice will help his son go far in life.

Check out Mill's interview with Dr Live!

More pictures of Meek's little cutie are below!



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