Tariq Trotter recently partnered with GrassROOTS Community Foundation to promote obesity awareness in North Carolina. He was inspired to give back after considering his daughter's health. As Trotter states, "Health issues, issues with nutrition and sexual and mental health. Some of the things I was beginning to try and figure out with my wife–like what could we do to better the situation for my daughter and girls like my daughter–happened to coincide with what [GRC] was already doing." North Carolina has seen a 15% increase in obesity this year, having nearly 30% of its adult population overweight.

Dr. Janice Johnson Dias is the president of GrassROOTS Foundation based in Philadelphia. The foundation has been active in various cities throughout the east coast, encouraging African American women to engage in healthy activity. GRC promotes everything from proper dieting to safe sex. “Tariq and I see our daughters as existing in the world where there are other Black girls…that they’re all a part of the same continuum,” Dias says. “So we know these issues around obesity, around sexual promiscuity, around depression are real…so we wanted to try to figure out how do we help not only our own girls, but how do we help the girls they’re likely to be friends with, that they’re likely to know?”

Tariq Trotter, better known as Black Thought, is the lead MC of the Philadelphia-based hip hop group The Roots . He and his wife Opal wed in 2010. The couple now resides in New Jersey with Trotter's daughter.


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