It's no secret that celebrities give their children the best things in life. From amazing clothes to awesome cars, famous children have everything that money can buy. We know that celebrity kids are spoiled, but we were not aware of the extent-until now.

After researching various baby showers and pre-pregnancy gifts, we found that the majority of presents are priced well above  average. For instance, Mariah Carey and Nick Canon hosted a baby shower in March that brought in gifts in the upward thousands. One toy giraffe was priced at $995 and a custom-made bedding set was worth $4,000; mind you that these gifts were for babies and not adults.

While occasional extravagance is acceptable, celebrities tend to go overboard when it comes to infant gifts. Beyonce and Jay-Z have not even had their baby yet, and Kelly Rowland has reportedly given the couple a bathtub worth $5,200; again, this is for a baby who will eventually migrate to a standard-sized tub.

Giving expensive presents to expectant mothers is good, but such extravagance becomes overrated when taken to the extreme. Is a toy giraffe or baby bathtub costing more than $500 excessive? Or what about the ridiculously expensive $17,000 pacifier. What are your thoughts?



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