Antonio Brown is experiencing custody problems as the mother of his child  has filed for an emergency child pick-up order, requiring the child to be brought back to Florida by law enforcement to reside with his mother. According to TMZ, Shameika Brailsford filed a motion with the Miami court system after accusing Brown of taking their 4-year-old son to Pennsylvania without her knowledge. In addition, Brailsford is afraid that Antonio Jr. is not being given adequate care.

Although Shameika makes strong accusations against Antonio, Brown's attorney claims that the child's mother is lying. As Jason Marks explains, "None of that is true. The mother consented to the child living with Mr. Brown back in February. The mother obviously knew where the child was the entire time and, in fact, Mr. Brown recently arranged for the mother to visit with the child in Pittsburgh. This is nothing more than a classic attempt to shake down a professional athlete for money."

A judge in Miami, Florida will hear and make a decision on Brailford's claim in the near future.



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