Actress, comedian, and TV personality Sherri Shepherd has a full schedule these days. In addition to being the co-star of a successful television show and co-host of The View, Shepherd is a mother of a 6-year-old son. In a recent interview with, Sherri talked about her hectic schedule and shared the joys of motherhood.

Juggling multiple tasks.

"I think you've got to realize what your priorities are. My priority is my son Jeffrey so if it interferes with my Jeffrey time, I have to say 'No.'"

The challenges and triumphs of motherhood.

"There was a time when I really had to give something up and that was when my son was born prematurely. He was born at five and a half months. That was a time that was so scary for me because my son Jeffrey almost died and I realized that I couldn't give everything I had in helping to take care of him. So I had to give myself permission to take the actress Sherri, the stand-up comedian Sherri, put them on the shelf with the fine china and focus on being a mom. It was the best thing I did because when I see my son Jeffrey who's six years old and when the doctors predicted that he'd never walk and be mentally challenged. I gave everything I had to being a mother and when I see him running to the door going 'Mommy you're gorgeous,' I go 'yeah it was all worth it.'"

Watch the video interview here.



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