Kenny Smith is a sports analyzer and proud father of 17-year-old Kayla Brianna. Smith recently sat down with the Orlando Sentinel to talk basketball and fatherhood.

On fatherhood and the boyfriend situation.

"The funny thing about that is, I have a lot of college basketball players I know and a lot of high school basketball players I know from AAU. So the first thing I get was, 'hey coach Kenny I saw your daughter' and I was like 'wait a minute.' I don’t know if I like that right now, but it comes with the territory. I always knew I'd have to have a shotgun, I just didn't know what year I'd have to purchase it."

Kayla's contract with Interscope Records and debut single "If You Love Me."

"I’m super excited...I told her you’ve done it through talent. You weren’t a YouTube sensation, you weren’t on any Idol shows, your talent kicked the door in and you got a record deal. I told her I don’t think you understand how difficult that is because I’m not that famous to where my fame could get you a record deal. There’s many more famous people than I am who have children that sing."

This year's basketball MVP.

"Right now? Wow. Kevin Durant would be the MVP right now. He’s been the most valuable player because his team has been the most successful and the most consistent where LeBron James and Kobe [Bryant] are right behind him. But the Lakers haven’t played the kind of basketball that the Heat or the Oklahoma City Thunder has played. In terms of individual statistics those three guys are far and above everyone else, but I can only vote for one."

Photo: Picture shows Kenny with wife(L) and daughter(R)



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