Singer Erykah Badu is a gifted artist and mother of three children. Badu is also a midwife in training who enjoys being a part of the birthing process. In a recent interview with BET Erykah discussed her experience as midwife trainee and her 7-year-old daughter's fancy with the arts. Here are highlights from the interview.

On midwife training and teaching her children African American History.

"[As a training midwife] It’s my pleasure to be the welcoming committee. [I teach my children] very early on who they are, what their culture is about, and how we got to where we are right now as a race of people."

Puma's interest in entertainment.

"She’s always singing and wants to act and model but it has to be something you want to do. It’s a lot of commitment. [I tell my children to] Follow your heart. Don’t let anybody infiltrate your dream, especially you. And be fearless. Give your all every time and feel the success in that."

Erykah is mother to son Seven,14, and daughters Puma,7, and Mars,3.

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