The Simmons family are featured in the May edition of Ebony magazine. Although every family member of Run's House is photographed looking his or her best, special emphasis is placed on Justine Simmons, Rev Run Simmons' current wife, and Valerie Vaughn, Run's first wife, as they co-parent the clan together.

Although some mothers have difficulty accepting children from previous relationships, Justine says that blending is the name of the game in Rev. Run's house. As she explains there are no stepchildren in the family and Miley, who was adopted, is just like family. Valerie Vaughn agrees and gladly assists Justine in parenting the clan. As she explains, "It's not about what happened in your past marriage.  It's not about he did this or he did that.  It's about all [of us] getting along now.  Let's do things together."

Justine adds, "Originally, I didn't want to have kids. But when I married my husband, he had three kids. It changed my whole life. I was in love! And then when I became [pregnant], it was even better! I was ready."

The children certainly love having both Valerie and Justine around. Angela states, "There's Ma and ther's Mommy.  My stepmom [Justine] is Ma, and my mother [Valerie] is Mommy.  I just believe the reason I am the woman I am today has a lot to do with my [birth] mom and Justine.  My stepmother never treated us like we weren't her children, so it's hard for us to even use the phrase 'stepmom.'"

Pictured are Vanessa (28), Angela (24), Joseph Jr. "JoJo" (22), Daniel "Diggy" (17) , Russell "Russy" (15), Miley Simmons(4), Valerie Vaughn, and Justine Simmons.

The May edition of Ebony magazine featuring the Simmons family and other celebrity moms will be available on Friday, April 20, 2012.

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