Taraji Henson stopped by the Wendy Williams Show last week to talk about her new movie, "Think Like A Man," and motherhood. When asked about her decision to buy her 17-year-old son Marcel a Honda Civic Hybrid Henson said, "I don't spoil my son. He earned it."

PHOTOS: See Archived Pictures Of Taraji and Her Son
Taraji became a single mother after  Marcel's father was murdered 8 years ago. "I was so in love," Henson says, "He was my high school sweet heart and we were together for 8 years. [Marcel] looks just like his father."

Although boys are sometimes completely dependent on mom, Marcel has developed a balance between family love and independence. "He loves me to death, but I raised an independent young man, but I'm very hands-on," Taraji states.

Henson recently discussed the late Trayvon Martin with  CBS This Morning saying, "I cannot think about the mother, Sybrina, and what she could be going through. (Trayvon) should be doing exactly what my son is doing right now, figuring out where he's going to college, waiting for acceptance letters, you know, going on to the next phase of his life. But it was stolen from him."

Check out Taraji's interview with Wendy Williams here!



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