It's so hard to say goodbye. This is especially true for Alicia Keys right now.

The R&B singer recently posted a blog on her website in which she talked about her career that sometimes keeps her away from 1-year-old Egypt. "I have been introduced to the worst feeling in the world," Alicia wrote, "Saying goodbye to my son. It’s different than saying goodbye to anyone else— it’s a distant dread that follows me all the days up until the moment I walk out of the door."

Alicia reminisced about the time when she had to travel to Europe while Egypt was teething. "I remember when he was  getting his first teeth and I had to go to Europe," said Keys. "I called when I landed and my husband said, 'I'm so glad you left before he woke up, he was so miserable today, you would have never left if you saw him like that.' Now don’t get me wrong, I’m BEYOND grateful that it was my husband and my mother that was with him when his little body was so weak and sad, but honestly, I wanted to be the one holding him and cuddling him and telling him it would be ok…. But I was on a plane."

"It’s missing those moments that makes it hard. So saying goodbye has been the difficult part… Not for him thankfully, I leave and he says, “Bye-bye Momma” and he looks happy, and comfortable, secure and ready to play. And I end up in the elevator with a lump in my throat!"

It's so hard to let go. What will Alicia do when Egypt goes off to college?

Click here to read Alicia's entire blog post.



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