Election season is well underway and dirty politics are in full throttle. While politicians are slandering one another left and right, the Obamas are at peace with their position.

First Lady Michelle Obama recently visited "Good Morning America" where she talked about her family and the possibility of President Obama not returning to the White House for a second term. Regardless of what may transpire in the November elections, Mrs. Obama assured viewers that she and her husband are at peace with whatever choice the American people make. Michelle also said that Sasha,11, and Malia,13, are okay with not spending four more years in the White House. "They've grown to understand that home is wherever we are," said the First Lady, "And Dad is always going to be Dad. So they’re good."

Mrs. Obama told GMA that tough skin is necessary in the world of politics. "You just sort of have to have a thick skin in this thing. And your kids do too." When asked about the possibility of her becoming a career politician, Obama said, Those are other people’s rumors. I have no interest in politics. Never have. Never will. The one thing that is certain: I will serve. I will serve in some capacity."



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