When and where she found out.

"I found out about three months ago that I was pregnant. Honestly, Adam and I were in the 'whatever happens, happens' mode. Now, we are expecting a baby in November. I really had no idea! It felt like I was going to get my period, but I didn't get it. When I skipped two days, I thought, This is weird.So I took a pregnancy test and that was it. I was shocked at first. I kept looking at the double lines on the test. I couldn't talk for two minutes. I kept saying, Oh my gosh! It was a feeling I can't describe. It was the happiest I had ever felt."

How she broke the news to Adam.

"I actually texted Adam a picture of two pregnancy tests and said, "Happy early Father's Day!" He said, "Cooool!""

Will the Housley's travel with their child?

"Yes! That baby will be right there with us! We want to instill a sense of culture into our baby's life. Adam's parents were great about traveling with him and his brother, so he's very experienced with that. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law do the same thing with their two kids. It's all about teamwork. We want to open our child's eyes to different worlds. Sometimes people get stuck with one way of living and thinking. Traveling is the best way to break that. Some people also have this mindset that we're all different. When you travel, you realize that we're really alike. Adam has surprised me with our first trip! When the baby's 1, we're going to Hawaii because it's family-friendly."

What kind of mom will she be?

"My mom was very, very strict with me growing up. I don't want to be too strict and I don't want to be too lenient. It'll be a balance. I also definitely have to make sure I don't spoil my baby, because I naturally love to do it. I do it with Cree and with my brothers. I'll probably cry at everything—every milestone, every achievement. I did that with my brothers. I hope I will be a great mom. Every mom-to-be says that, and they say if you're thinking that, you will be."




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