The City Council of Los Angeles declared August 7th as Bob Marley Day in Los Angeles on Tuesday at a ceremony held in downtown Los Angleles at City Hall. Two of Marley's children, Ziggy and Karen(blue dress), accepted a proclamation from councilmen Tom LaBonge and Joe Buscaino.  Ziggy's four children Gideon,5, Judah,7, Justice Marley,20, and Zuri Marley,16, were also present at the special ceremony.

VIDEO: Ziggy Marley and Family Celebrate Bob Marley Day

The Jamaican musician and band leader was happy to be a part of his father's special day. "Jamaica celebrated 50 years of independence yesterday [Monday, August 6, 2012]. We're in the headlines of the Olympics too so everything [happens] for a reason, everything [is] working together," said Marley.

The Marleys are also celebrating the DVD release of "Marley," a documentary based on the life of the legendary Bob Marley, who died in 1981 after months of battling cancer.

Ziggy has six children in all.

Photos: Araya Diaz/AP



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