It was just a few weeks ago that Malia,14, maintained President and First Lady Obama's coolness among the youth by saving them from a Kiss Cam catastrophe. Now the public learns that the 14-year-old and her sister Sasha have rescued the president from years of health problems by helping him conquer nicotine.

First Lady Obama recently served as guest editor of iVillage where she revealed that her husband stopped smoking because of his daughters. "I know that his ability to ultimately kick the habit was because of the girls, because they're at the age now where you can't hide. I think that he didn't want to look his girls in the eye and tell them that they shouldn't do something that he was still doing," said Michelle.

"When I knew that he was trying, we just didn't talk about it."

"And it was probably a year out that he was able to talk to the girls and say, ' I've quit' -- or he felt comfortable saying, 'Dad quit," she added. "But it wasn't something that they were asking him about every day because they never really have seen him smoke. He's never smoked around them so it wasn't part of their daily lives."

The president recently conducted an interview with 'Entertainment Tonight' where he said that 30 or 35 years old is an acceptable age for Malia to start dating. Of course, First Lady Obama said that the teen will be able to date a lot sooner than that.



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