Holly Robinson-Peete celebrated her birthday earlier this week with family by her side. The actress dined out with all four of her children and husband after doing a gig earlier in the day. Holly classified the  family dinner as the "End of a perfect birthday ...thanks for all the love today."

The mom of four recently teamed up with Carnation® Breakfast Essentials™ to ensure that all children get a healthy breakfast before heading out for school. "I like to describe my mornings as 'controlled madness' – on a good day I have less than an hour to get my kids out of bed, showered and dressed, teeth brushed, fed and out the door to school. At the start of the school year, I know I am diligent about sticking with a good morning routine for my kids, but as school and activities gear up, I have to find easy ways to stay on track and make sure my kids get balanced nutrition for their busy day," explained Mrs. Peete.

The actress went on to say, "One of my biggest challenges as a mom is to make sure my kids get breakfast. With busy mornings, it is essential that my kids get the nutrition they need. I want to set my kids up for success, especially during the school year. Knowing there are easy, nutritious options such as Carnation® Breakfast Essentials™ puts my mind at ease that I am making good choices for my kids."




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