Malia is showing signs of being the next Venus or Serena Williams. At just 14-years-old, the high school Freshman plays on the Varsity tennis team and is quite the competitor. Although Malia wanted to quit the game many times during her earlier years of playing, her mom Michelle Obama encouraged her to pursue tennis with all of her might.

"[I told Malia] It’s not about you being a good tennis player. It’s about teaching yourself to do something hard and getting better at. Because that’s what life is. Life is getting through stuff that’s hard and teaching yourself that you can do hard things and you get better at it," said the First Lady during an interview with 'The View.'

The Obama girls have matured a lot since their father took office in 2008, essentially gone from little girls who enjoy spending every waking moment with mom and dad, to young ladies who occasionally visit dad at work. "They’re now at the point where they still love their daddy, but they come in [to visit me] strategically," said the President. "They’re not being surly or anything," explained the Chief of Staff.



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