While the political and social spheres are up in arms about the upcoming election, Sasha and Malia are thinking about other things. "They are so far removed from this world," said First Lady Michelle Obama during a round table discussion. "They don't ask about the election. They don't care. Dance this weekend, big science test, homecoming is coming up, those are the things they’re really focused on. They’re just not connected," explained the First Lady.

Although not concerned about the election, Sasha and Malia do have other things that sometimes make them want to act out. The girls, however, are reminded by mom that "Everybody’s watching. We just have to have real conversations even now, that’s like, you can’t go off on somebody, you can’t act bratty, because you may be having a moment, but somebody could use that moment and try to define you forever. So you want to be cognizant of that, and I think all kids are in that position now. Understanding that what you put on the Internet, what you say now can be a part of your life forever. It lives forever. And again it’s not different from what we need to be talking to all our kids about, but I do let them know that there’s a little extra burden," said Mrs. Obama.

Malia,14, has taken her mom's advice and run with it, seeking positive relationships and activities that will build character. Sasha,11, has also listened to her mother's advice about exhibiting class and elegance in public. Contrary to some children their age, Sasha and Malia do not use Facebook as a way to relieve tension because they know that "Everybody's watching."




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