Tamera Mowry-Housley's belly is off limits and she wants the world to know. The actress recently sat down with Zap 2 It to talk about her pregnancy, and she was sure to comment on some people's instinct to want to touch her baby bump. "I can't take it anymore," says Mowry. "So, I can see the hand coming in slo-mo, and then I just quickly cover it... I just cover my belly with my hands, and I cover it before they can get to it, so what they do is touch my hands."

Mowry gave out great advice to people who have the instinct to randomly touch pregnant women's bellies. "Realize that the belly is between two very important areas of a woman's body, and they're very private," said the actress. "It's still part of her. It's her personal property! If she wasn't pregnant, would you just walk up and touch her?"

Tamera and husband Adam Housley expect their first child, a boy, to arrive some time this moth. The couple wed last year and are enjoying life.

"I have no complaints," Tamera says. "Everything's going great. I've been married for almost a year and a half, having a baby, have a hit show with my sister."



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