Andrea Kelly and Joann,14, supported Jaya,12, and Robert Jr.'s,10, Tae Kwon Do competition in Chicago, Illinois on November 4, 2012. The foursome shared the love as the camera snapped priceless candids. Andrea, photographed in the middle next to her daughter Joann, was overjoyed to be at the competition supporting her son and daughter.

The former wife of singer R. Kelly is featured along with other celebrity exes in this season of 'Hollywood Exes. Although she and R. Kelly were married for more than a decade, the R&B sensation's 2008 pornography scandal was no walk in the park for Andrea. "That was really a test of my faith, a test of my strength," says the dancer. "It was a way for me to be a living example to my children. I had to square my shoulders and hold my head high and show them in life, you cannot crawl under a rock and die. You have to keep going, move forward and stay strong. That’s what I want my children to remember, and it’s far more important than anything any tabloid can write."

She and R. Kelly may not be a couple anymore, but they are still partners in parenting. The marriage came to an end but the family is not over. "We have children. We co-parent. We’re bonded for life," says the choreographer.

Andrea and R. Kelly have three children together.




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