Eva Jordan,2, is Mimi Faust's mini munchkin. The little one was recently photographed by her mom looking adorable in an over-sized hat  and sunglasses.

Mimi and Eva's father, Stevie J, are featured on 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' as two entrepreneurs striving to stay on top. Faust recently commented on her and Stevie's relationship during a talk with Anthony Bowles of Examiner.com saying, "He is my daughter’s father. We communicate, and I will have to at least talk to him for the next 16 years. In terms of anything else you’re going to have to keep watching the show."

While fans have to watch the show to see if Faust and Stevie spark romance together, the interior designer and owner of Keep It Clean, Inc. did let on about their relationship in terms of business. "We were supposed to be working together," said Faust.  "I have my own business first, so my hands have been really tied with that. The stuff that I was doing with Stevie I pushed it to the side. It was way too much going on for me."

Mimi and Stevie worked together to build his record label before she discontinued partnership with the producer and songwriter. Eva is their only child together.




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