Porschla Kidd knows what it means to be a super mom and wife. With a husband who plays for the New York 'Knicks' and kids who keep her going, Porschla rarely has time to relax and recuperate from daily tasks. As such, Mrs. Kidd has decided to give a few tips to other full-time moms who are busy bees.

Snack time remedy.

"I stock the cabinets with pre-packed snack bags for the kids. You can do this with a simple zip lock bag. That way when we are heading out, I don’t have to waste minutes packing a snack pack. Super easy and convenient!"

Potty training on the go.

"Toilet teaching has got to be the hardest job on the planet! We all know how important it is to be consistent with pottytraining, so I always carry disposable toilet seat covers. When they have to go, they have to go, so be prepared!"

Preparing for dinner.

"Dinner time is always fun-time in our home. I like to prep everything in the morning and store it in the fridge until it’s time to cook. Prepping in the morning cuts out at least 30 minutes of preparation at dinner."

Mommie Time: The workout regimen

"As a full-time mom, it’s hard to find time to go to the gym. I try and get little workouts in while doing my daily routine. I always engage my stomach muscle, and walk at a faster pace than most. To a physical trainer, this may seem comical, but any and all efforts count!"

Mommie Time: Dressing to impress

"As a mother, I don’t always have time to be fancy pants. Sometimes I’m rushed to be dressed in less than 5 minutes. A way to pull this quickie off is throwing on a pair of black leggings with a tank and a cardigan. 1, 2, 3, I’m feeling cute and appropriate!"

Source: Shecky's Media

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