With his fifth studio album, "R.E.D." (Realizing Every Dream), in music stores, Shaffer Smith, a.k.a. Ne-Yo, is focusing on more important things: his children. The record producer and actor recently told VIBE that he makes time for kids regardless of what's going on in his career.

"That's time carved out," said Smith. "There's a difference between Ne-Yo and Shafeer Smith with two kids who he refuses to be raised without a daddy. If I see three [show] dates, I check if they're mandatory, if not, I'm headed home."

In addition to discussing parenthood as a priority, Smith also talked about the possibility of Madilyn and Mason having careers in entertainment. "Both are definite singers and dancers. Mason is a year old and Maddie is two. She's in a Montessori school three days of the week and listens to 'Let Me Love U' on the way to school. That's her favorite. She fist pumps and everything. Mason can't walk yet, but he's at that stage where he latches to everything and scoots himself along. He says 'dada' when he hears my song," said the recording artist.

Mason and Madilyn are Ne-Yo and girlfriend Monyetta Shaw's only children together.





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