Paige Thomas is making serious headway in the entertainment industry. Not only is the 21-year-old featured as one of the stronger contestants on this season of the 'X Factor,' but she is also the mother of a toddler who may be America's next top model.

Thomas' 3-year-old daughter Jade recently caught the attention of several notables in the fashion industry, and they are considering her for a children's modeling role. "She actually got picked up and scouted for a modeling job," said Paige to the Hollywood Reporter during a backstage interview last Wednesday. "We're kind of seeing what we have out there. But it's something that she really likes to do. It's not something that I want her to do, it's something that she's really excited to do. She loves cameras, she loves performing, she loves singing and dancing."

Paige previously commented on her daughter's reaction to mommy's rise to fame on 'X Factor' saying, "I was a little nervous about that, with me being gone and we’re really close. But I have an amazing support system. Her dad is there, her grandparents on her dad’s side, my mom, my aunt. So she stays really busy. And when I’m on TV, she thinks she’s gonna be on TV. She gets all excited."

Jade accompanied her mom onstage during the beginning stages of the show. She has since supported her mom in the audience and from the comforts of home.

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