Updated on 3/22/13: The Bend Bulletin was wrong! Harold and wife welcomed a baby girl in March. Read More

Baby alert! Harold Perrineau and wife Brittany are expecting a baby boy in March of next year. He will join big sisters Wynter,4, and Aurora,18, at home.

Harold recently secured a gig in the new TBS comedy series 'Wedding Band,' which is set to premiere this Saturday (November 17). Perrineau will take on the role as 'Stevie,' a seasoned guitarist who has rubbed elbows with all of the music industry greats from the '80's.

When asked about his journey as a career actor by Bend Bulletin, Harold said, "Acting was the thing I wanted to do, I just didn’t know how to get there. I started using [dancing] thinking it would get me into the door to be an actor, but it only got me in to be a dancer. You have to be naive to believe I can do this and still be an actor. For the first year or so I got in trouble from the head of the dance school because I was always going to auditions. But I still wanted to be an actor, so I stopped dancing. And I was waiting tables and bartending and went back to acting school. I was 28, but I looked 14. It was a lucky break."

Harold has portrayed roles on television and Broadway since beginning his acting career several years ago. He is better known for his roles on 'Lost' and 'Oz.'




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