Isaiah,9, Sumayah,6, and Kaila,3, are Deborah Cox's sweethearts. The three look just like mom in this cute candid!

Cox recently talked about her hopes of attaining professional longevity in the music industry and her decision to start a family with The Globe and Mail. "I was between albums, trying to figure out if I should start a family and when I should start a family, because they’re always telling you, especially in this business, you can’t take time off. And Whitney just said to me, ‘Don’t let the business dictate. Have your family.’ It was great, sisterly advice," said Cox.

Although she took such advice and built a family with husband Lascelles Stephens, Deborah must admit that finding a balance between family and work is not always easy. As the singer explains, "I’ve only been able to do it because of the tremendous support I’ve had – from Lascelles particularly and our extended families. My mother, my mother-in-law, aunts, uncles, sisters, they’ll come down for a month at a time. Everyone chips in. It’s about staying connected, and we make sure that happens. I want my children to know who their relatives are."

Cox and her family currently reside in Miami, Florida.

See a throwback picture of the cuties below!



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