Deborah Roberts and son Nicky celebrated their Thanksgiving holiday with thousands of New Yorkers at the 86th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Deborah and Nicky sat on the sidelines and snapped a few candids as the floats went by.

Roberts, who is a journalist for ABC News, has called the great quest of balancing work with home endeavors an adventure. "Every day is an adventure in juggling in the Roberts/Roker household," says Roberts. "While Al [Roker] and I are both committed television professionals, our real life revolves around our three children."

Deborah further explains, "Neither of us will claim to have a parenting prescription; however, we have learned a few things. First, dinner with our children matters and trumps nearly everything. And finding moments to 'just be' with them nourishes their souls and ours. We’re often in a relay race with life. But for Al and me, the key has been learning to delegate what we cannot do and making peace with that. Our dedicated and wonderful babysitter saves our lives and sanity on many days. Life in our home is never a breeze, but by making our children the focus, we feel that we’re in balance… sometimes, anyway."




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