Essence Atkins and son Varro are sharing their Christmas season with Jayneoni Holiday House in Los Angeles. The two recently stopped by the house to have a talk with Santa Claus and take pictures with the seasonal character. Varro will get a double treat this year in celebrating Christmas and his first birthday on the same day.

Essence recently gave insightful advice to new moms hoping to positively impact their families saying, "If you're pulling from a vacuum -- from something that’s void -- that doesn't do anything for anyone. You must recharge yourself and your relationship so you can be of great value to your children. In the beginning, right after your baby is born, it can be a high stress time to a relationship. A lot of times your relationship can take a backseat. However, it's critical for your happiness to give time to the relationship as you give time to your child."

Varro is Essence and husband Jaime Mendez's first child together. You can catch Essence Atkins as a mother on “Are We There Yet?” airing now in syndication.

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