Juggling career with family life.
"I guess it is juggling in a sense, but to be honest everything has to kind of fall in place around what I have going on at home. I got four kids and my daughter is nineteen. Being financially responsible, I’m the head of household. I got to keep it running. So it’s never easy but God has a way of working it out. I make sure I can’t be gone for too long. There’s plenty of things I could do that I haven’t done because I just don’t have the time. I need to be home for my kids. I don’t have someone that lives in my house to take care of them when I’m gone. It’s different. And I’m not sure I would want that, unless it was my mom."

Creativity among Faith's kids.
"All of my children are very artsy, artistic, they all do music and want to act and everything, but for now it’s a hobby. My daughter is probably the furthest along because she chose to study music in college but she’s also writing a screenplay so we’ll see. I mean she’s very talented. I've just commissioned her to write me a few songs. She’s really talented."

Show business in the Evans' household?
"I’m not pushing them toward it. [My oldest daughter is] of the age where she sees what’s the ups and downs and I think having me as an example on how to not get too caught up in self and saying, 'You never know what’s going to happen so don’t bet it all on this.' I’m hoping that all those things is why she’s not in a rush ’cause there was a time when she said she wanted to put out an album and just be an artist. And I’m like, 'You better go to school' and know what it means to hustle.'"



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