Eric Benet and daughter India stopped by the 5th Annual Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony at the Nokia Plaza in Los Angeles on November 28, 2012. While at the ceremony, Eric and India talked with Access Hollywood about Benet's new album, 'The One,' and baby Lucia who is learning several languages at a young age.

Benet's album is "doing really well. It means so much more this time around because it's my record label. So, it's incredible," said the singer. As for India and her little sister Lucia, the two get along very well. "She's amazing. She's so adorable," gushed India.

Eric also expressed excitement about his youngest daughter, talking about her ability to learn three languages at a time. "My wife, Manuela, is Egyptian and Italian. So her mom comes over and only speaks Arabic to Lucia. Then her dad comes over and he only speaks Italian. So Lucia's learning all these words and phrases I don't know," explained the singer.

Baby Lucia is Eric and wife Manuela Benet's first child together. Eric has two children in all.



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