The Simmons kids get in a bit of quality time, dining and posing together as a family. Angela, Diggy, Russell II, and Miley have nothing but love for each other as they smile away at the camera. "Family," Angela tweets.

Joseph Simmons, a.k.a. Rev Run, recently volunteered to be front runner for the 'Ask. Screen. Know.' diabetes drive sponsored by Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical company. Joseph will complete several public service announcements that will promote healthy living and awareness about the disease that is sometimes viewed as a silent killer.

"I had to ask myself the tough questions about diabetes. My dad had it and, just like millions of Americans, I'm at risk for the disease," said Run. "I am the man I am today because of my dad. He inspired my music, he inspired me to be a better father, and his fight with diabetes inspired me to take responsibility for my health. That's why I'm working with Novo Nordisk on the 'Ask.Screen.Know.' campaign. I'm asking people to be accountable for their health - ask the questions, listen up, and take action."

Joseph and wife Justine Simmons parent six children together.

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