Sy'rai is a pet lover. The tween was recently photographed by Uncle Ray J holding her dog. "I love My Lil Niece," tweets Ray J.

Brandy gushed about her daughter during an interview about her new album, Two Eleven, last month. "My daughter's 10 and she really likes me a lot, which is a really good thing," said the singer. "She's a person! She's me on steroids. Her opinions are just so good, her logic is too good. I mean, this girl will fight you on anything, making sense while doing it. It frustrates me sometimes because her arguments are so good, but I love that because if she can stand on her own with me, then she can stand on her own with anybody, and I encourage that. I encourage her to voice her opinion and say what's on her mind because I never want her to hold things in. I teach her to always say how she feels and to always do it with love and even though sometimes she gets a little feisty, I know at the end of the day she has a great heart and that I can't teach her."

Brandy's sixth studio album, featuring the hit song 'Put It Down,' is available at online and traditional music stores.

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