Egypt Dean,2, is mommy's biggest fan. The little tot is determined to make Alicia Keys' album a hit even if he has to promote it all by himself. The expression of Egypt's face says he's as serious as mom about Girl On Fire.

Alicia recently talked about her new album saying, "The writing on this record is deeper, it's more intimate. It's at a place I probably couldn't have written two or three years ago because I didn't understand it as much. I think [motherhood has] opened me up to access a deeper emotion than I did before."

Motherhood has also inspired Keys to cut her hair. "I've heard from a lot of new mothers that they cut their hair too," said the singer. "I thought I was kind of special and brave, but apparently it's a new mother thing. I had been talking about cutting my hair for awhile and figuring out in which way it would feel right. I put out a song called 'New Day' that's also on my album and I was just like, 'You know what, it's a new day, and I'm cutting this off.' So I did it!"

Egypt is Alicia and husband Kasseem Dean's, a.k.a. Swizz Beatz, first child together.




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