The apple doesn't fall far from the tree for Rohan Marley whose son, Nicolas Marley, is cutting and slashing on the football field just like dad. "He’s really impressive. When I see him, I see myself as a better player. He plays like I played in college. He’s everywhere," said Rohan during an interview. "I always tell him [is] it’s a lion’s order out there. Eat everyone alive, rip their heads off. That’s the order in football. Be mean all the time. He pretty much is. But I keep telling him anyway."

While some are just coming to appreciate Nico's talent, Rohan knew his son would be a football sensation years ago. "I remember when he was a little boy in Jamaica and I was still training, playing football in the [Canadian Football League] I took him to the beach with me when he was 2. I ran full speed down the beach holding his hand. He ran with me all the way. That’s when I knew he was a tough boy," reminisced dad Marley.

Nico has impressed several coaches with 64 tackles in the regular season and the ability to bench press 335 pounds. The high school star has also made his mark in academia, maintaining a 3.75 GPA and being accepted into Tulane University. Nico is Rohan's eldest son. The entrepreneur and football legend has seven children in all.



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