Wiz Khalifa is excited about fatherhood.The rapper recently expressed his happiness with Wendy Williams saying, "I’ll be a fun dad."

Although greatly anticipating his and fiancee Amber Rose's first child together, Wiz remembers a time when such anticipation was bleak. "Her first pregnancy was like right before and it was unexpected. She had actually lost the baby right when we found out she was pregnant, and she got pregnant again right away. So that second time when she got pregnant, we didn't want to say anything about it until after her second trimester," says the rapper.

Now with Amber in her final trimester of pregnancy, Khalifa is more anxious than ever to meet his son. "I am excited. I can’t wait," gushes the rapper. "Every time we go to the doctor, he tells us how healthy the baby is, how perfect her pregnancy has been, and it has just inspired me to be the best dad. I have this little ball of joy coming into the world, I gotta show him right."

Wiz and Amber plan to wed before the baby's birth, but are holding off on the reception until a later date.




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