Amber Rose is glowing with the light of pregnancy. The model was recently spotted in Beverly Hills with fiance Wiz Khalifa looking radiant as ever in her hot pink jacket with black leggings. Amber is in her third trimester of pregnancy and is currently making preparation for an all natural birth.

While Amber is preparing, Wiz is taking on the role of the ever exuberant father-to-be telling various media outlets that he plans to, "Just let the kids always be themselves. Never force anything on them. Give them some rules but don’t be too strict. Let them have fun. Push them in the right direction as far as what you know and what you didn't learn. Let them learn those things."

Khalifa also plans to fall back on a bit of his father's advice which was often subtle in nature. "He didn't start preaching too much but just small things that would have helped him out if somebody told him," explains Wiz. "You know, it’s always good to get that point of view. But at the end of the day, you learn from experience. [Me and Amber] are both coming into this learning, so we share [advice]. We communicate. We just prepare. That’s more of what it is: preparation."

Amber and Wiz are expecting a boy in the early part of next year.

Photos: Fameflynet/X17online



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