Eric Benet is certainly looking forward to Christmas and all the excitement that it brings to his household. The singer recently told Life & Style magazine that he and wife Manuela Testolini are preparing for India and baby Lucia's birthdays.

"December is like nuts over at the Benét household, but it’s great," said the artist. "India is turning 21 and Lucia is having her first birthday. Right now the idea of a wonderful date is my wife falling asleep in my arms and somebody watching the baby and we get eight hours of sleep."

Eric plans to have a birthday extravaganza for baby Lucia who was born on December 21, 2011. The artist is excited to be flying family and friends in from across the nation to celebrate his baby girl's special day. Manuela and Eric also plan to celebrate India, as 21-years-old is a landmark age in any young adult's life.

Benet hopes to have a large family with his wife telling Life & Style, "It’s always been my dream to have a baseball team, to have a gang of kids. I just have to get my wife on board now. I know she’s on board for at least one more, so we’ll see."

Lucia is Eric and Manuela's first child together.

Photo: LifeandStyle Magazine



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