Cutest moment ever! Actor Jamie Foxx and daughter Annalise shared a Kodak moment of kisses and love during a '106 & Park' visit on December 14, 2012. The father and daughter waited for the best opportune time to share a cute kiss during the show, spreading the love throughout the studio with their display of affection. Jamie was in New York City to promote his new film, Django Unchained, set to publicly premiere on December 25, 2012.

Django Unchained is the story of a slave-turned-bounty hunter who sets out to free his wife from the grips of slavery. With Leonardo DiCaprio portraying the evil plantation owner (Calvin Candle) who seeks to control her every move, it is up to Django (Jamie Foxx) to diligently search and free his wife before it is too late.

Although unsure of the character's future adventures, Foxx has a few ideas for Django. "I would definitely be interested to see where Django and his wife go, or just other adventures," says the actor. "There's stories of John Brown, the abolitionist -maybe he runs into John Brown or Harriet Tubman. He's definitely on the run up in the North, and down South there's 'Wanted' posters, but no one really knows what Django looks like. They only saw him for a second. So there could be a poster and it could look like Don Cheadle or something. You know what I'm saying? But really I think Quentin outdid himself on this one. And it's really hard to say if there's a director out there who's doing it like he is right now."

Foxx has two daughters, Annalise and Corinne, in all.




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