As the bitter battle between Pilar and Deion Sanders for divorce and child custody continues, Pilar will have to cope with temporarily being apart from her boys. The estranged wife of  Sanders recently lost temporary custody of her two sons, which means that they will be living with Deion until further notice. Although she will continue to receive child support for  her daughter, who is still in her care, Pilar will no longer be paid $10,500 per month in support dues.

Pilar originally sought $50,000 in back pay after claiming that Deion had not paid his share of child support in months. The retired NFL player countered Pilar's claim with proof of him paying $4,500 per month, telling the press that $10,500 was an outrageous amount to pay in child support. Pilar admitted to receiving a check in the amount of $4,500 from Deion during their most recent court date, but could not provide the judge with a stable source of income by which she pays all of her bills.

Deion has been ordered to pay Pilar $5,500 per month in child support for his daughter. Deion and Pilar have three children together, with the former football player having five kids in all.

Source: NBC Forth Worth



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