Chris Bosh and the family celebrated Christmas in the sand as they snapped the cutest family portrait on the joyful day. Chris and wife Adrienne held baby Jackson, 7 months, and little Trinity,4, in their arms while posing next to a sand man with red scarf and black buttons. Adrienne and Trinity were a matching pair in their red dresses while Jackson and Chris styled it up with individualized wear.

The Boshes recently gave back to their community in hosting a fun day for underprivileged children in the Miami area. Chris and Adrienne gave out more than 100 gifts to well-deserving kids and allowed the little ones to have fun at the local Game Time fun center. "We always love giving back, and Christmas is a very important time, where kids just need to have fun," said Chris. "Not only do they want to have fun, they need to have fun. Just [to] not be in school for a little bit and enjoy the holiday season."

Jackson is Chris and Adrienne's first child together. Trinity is Mr. Bosh and Allison Mathis' sweetheart.



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