Harlem Taylor got his Christmas wish of watching the Lakers play against the Knicks granted by his father, Jayceon Taylor, this year. Jayceon, also known as the Game, sent Harlem and his mom to the ball game with court side tickets to see Kobe Bryant play in all of his greatness against Carmelo Anthony and his squad of Knicks players.

"My son & his mother off to go see Kobe get off in the Knicks a&$ !!!!!! Even though he ONLY wanted Lakers floor seats for Xmas. I as a daddy had to make sure he had more gifts than last year. Thanks to #JesusPiece & my fans !!!!! #LakeShow #MerryChristmas," tweeted the Game.

Harlem also took a few pictures with singer Rihanna as she and Chris Brown were at the b-ball game as well. The 9-year-old spent the rest of his Christmas with siblings Cali Dream and King Justice, who are Game and fiancee Tiffney Cambridge's little ones. Jayceon has three kids in all.




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